Top five most hated Christmas gifts

According to the Uk’s Daily Telegraph, the top 5 most hated gifts are stuffed toys, socks, coffee mugs, Christmas-themed presents, and trinkets. Yeah, I know, The Daily Telegraph may not be the most reliable source of information.

So what’s your most disliked gift? Or your most treasured gift?

Drop us a line and let us know. We’ll share them (anonymously if you like) in the next newsletter.

My worst present was also my best - a second hand bike passed down to me from my oldest sister. I didn’t object to it being second hand; we were poor as church mice and used to receiving thirdhand, fourth hand and even fifth hand items, so second-hand was pretty good.

I loved riding bikes and having one of my own gave me freedom. There was only one problem… I was in my teens and, like most teens, trying very hard to look cool. This was the late 70s, very early 80s and all my friends were riding sleek dragsters that had high handlebars with tassels hanging from them. My bike not only wasn’t a dragster, but it also came with something else attached to the handlebars - a fluorescent blue plastic-coated wire basket. Teamed with a metal bag carrier on the back and the bright iridescent purple of the bike, it was definitely not cool.

I wanted to throw the basket away. My father, ever practical and not one to waste anything, insisted it stay, just in case I had to carry something like eggs home one day.

And so began a battle of wills. Each morning I would go down to the bike and detach the basket before riding to school. Each night my father would reattach it. This went on for days, perhaps weeks, with neither of us willing to concede. But my father was a crafty old bugger, and more than a match for a teenager. One morning I came down the back stairs, ready to perform my morning basket-detaching ritual, only to find Dad had won the battle. He had used a soldering iron to solder the wire basket to the handlebars. I knew I was defeated.

I rode that bike, complete with blue basket, right up until I was about 19 years old.

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