The dangers of DEET

DEET is the most common ingredient found in chemical-based (non-natural) insect repellants. It works by making the lactic acid receptors on the female mosquito ineffective – in essence, they can’t ‘smell’ your lactic acid and so do not know that you are food.

According to a recent study, some flies and mosquitoes have genetically changed and are insensitive to the smell of DEET. Additionally, some mosquitoes are becoming desensitised to DEET for up to three hours after previous exposure to DEET, which means DEET may not be as effective as it used to be.

Various studies have shown that DEET causes damage to human DNA and has an adverse effect on the nervous system. Reported side effects of DEET have been muscle spasms, weakness, joint pain, fatigue, tremors, memory loss, dizziness, numb lips and nausea, amongst others. There are many more symptoms reported to poison control centres, especially when children have suffered from DEET toxicity.

DEET is a toxic chemical.

On the other hand, the Nature’s Botanical range of Rosemary and Cedarwood Crème is made from all natural ingredients – the formula is simply essential oils of Rosemary and Cedarwood in an olive oil base. You can’t get much more natural than that.

I know which one I’d prefer to put on my skin and the skin of my children.

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