Nature's Botanical Rosemary and Cedarwood product information

Nature’s Botanical rosemary and cedarwood crème, spray and roll-on are insect repellents that repel flies, sandflies, midges and mosquitoes for up to 4 hours. Customers report that the product also soothes itches.

These products do not contain chemicals such as DEET or Picaradin.


Safe Active Ingredients

The cremes contain Rosemary Oil and Cedarwood Oil combined in a base which includes olive oil and vegetable based emulsifiers.


The ingredients in the Nature’s Botanical roll-on and spray are identical but there is no olive oil base. These oils are considered safe for application to skin by regulators such as the EPA. Both products contain a food grade preservative E211.

Nature’s Botanical Crème

Nature’s Botanical Crème  is a smooth, white crème with the natural fragrance of rosemary and cedarwood. When applied, it has a soft, silky texture. The creme becomes transparent as you apply it and leaves no greasy residue.

It has become a favourite insect repellent for bushies, campers, caravanners, fishermen, equestrians  and those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

Nature’s Botanical Lotion

Nature’s Botanical roll-on and spray is a white lotion that differs to the crème only in that it is considerably thinner than the Crème, making it easy to apply. Like the Crème, the Lotion has the pleasant fragrance of Rosemary and Cedarwood. It becomes transparent when rubbed into the skin and leaves no greasy residue behind.

  • Apply to exposed areas of skin. Reapply as necessary.

  • If you have never used the product before, apply a small amount first to ensure no adverse skin reaction.

  • Do not ingest.

  • Avoid direct contact with eyes.

  • Do not use if pregnant.

  • Do not apply to children under the age of 2 years old.

  • Store in a cool place.

  • Always fasten the lids after use.